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26.70 EUR 19.90 EUR
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Content: 44 ml (24 ml + 2x10 ml)
Isopropyl Nitrite - CAS 541-42-4

Discover the three best poppers for beginners in this new Starter Pack, containing the Classic Rush, Orgasmus and Jungle Juice Plus poppers!

Each of these three poppers will allow you to relax and enjoy better sensations during sex as soon as you open up the bottle and let its scent fill the room.

The Isopropyl nitrite in these poppers is not the strongest, but it is surely one of the most pleasant that you can find in our Poppers Shop. Get yourself acquainted with our best-selling poppers in this cheap pack that we've gathered for all the beginners in poppers sensations!

This pack contains:
1 x RUSH POPPERS, 10 ml
1 x JUNGLE JUICE PLUS big, 24 ml

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