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MAN SCENT big round bottle

by Lockerroom
12.90 EUR
incl. VAT. + shipping costs

Content: 30 ml
Hexyl Nitrite - CAS 638-51-7

The Man Scent poppers is back with an exciting Hexyl formula that will turn you on and your partner for the best sessions! Its long-lasting effects will inspire you for your naughty sessions, whether you're into masturbation, BDSM or vanilla sex.

Now available in the big 30 ml bottle from the manufacturer Locker Room made in Canada, this exceptional poppers brings you to astonishing heights of eroticism and pleasure. The special scent will relax you and free you from your inhibitions to let you experience maximum enjoyment as you let loose of all the stress.

You'll be ready for sustained action thanks to its Hexyl formula made to last longer while also creating a powerful atmosphere of lust and sex-appeal. Whether you're solo, with your partner or at a party with friends, things are about to get heated thanks to Man Scent poppers!

Man Scent poppers is an original canadian formula made by Locker Room, produced and sold fresh straight from the producer!

How to use Poppers Man Scent 30 mL:

Just open the bottle and let its erotic aroma fill the bedroom for more enjoyable sessions, whether masturbating solo, fooling around with your partner in bed, at a party or during BDSM sessions. Man Scent creates an incredible atmosphere, filled with lust and making you want to sweat, that's why it's often used in saunas where its diffused aroma relaxes and stimulates at the same time.

The Man Scent poppers brand was created specifically for super sexy moments among men, and the guarantee of satisfying experiences!

Product details:
✓ Big bottle of 30 ml
✓ With individual box for storage
✓ Small opening, easy to open
✓ With new Hexyl formula
✓ Perfect for Cruising or at the sauna
✓ Exhilarate and suppress inhibitions
✓ Immediate effects, maximum relaxation

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