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9.90 EUR
incl. VAT. + shipping costs

Content: 10 ml
Isopentyl Nitrite - CAS 110-46-3
Isopentanol - CAS 123-51-3

The Super Rush Poppers is made with super strong Isopentyl nitrite that provides you with the higest pleasure and no annoying side effects. In this special pack, you get not only this best-selling poppers at a low price, but you also get a free Adapter specially designed for small bottles for better sensations!

Super Rush was the second poppers after the Original Rush recommended for great sensations with sex-toys, during masturbation or when playing with your partner in bed! Its strong formula guarantees really great sensations and will make you ready for action!

You can kiss your inhibitions and taboos goodbye, for as soon as you open the bottle and fix the Adapter on it, you'll live incredibly sexy and lustful experiences, feel more intense and heightened sensations and for the cherry on the cake: more explosive orgasms!

Product details:
✓ From PWD, the makers of the best-selling poppers
✓ Original formula from the 70s
✓ Made with super strong Isopentyl
✓ With free adapter
✓ Increases arousal and sensations
✓ Exciting and satisfying experiences
✓ Practical and secure cap

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